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Sunmor Neighborhood
Organization Board



Chris Campbell - Chairperson


Tim Crofts, Vice Chairperson


Francis Melinat, Controller


Penny Wiese - Treasurer


John Wilhelmi

Bert Shure - Voting Member at Large


CLICK HERE for an Application if you are a Sunmor resident interested in joining our SNO.





Saturday January 13, 2024

Saturday February 10

Saturday, March 9

Saturday, April 13

Saturday, May 11

Saturday,  June 8

Saturday, July 13

Saturday, August 10

Saturday, September 14

Saturday, October 12

Annual Meeting:

Saturday, October 12 @ 5pm


All meetings are from 10am - noon at a board member's home or via Zoom unless otherwise noted. Please contact a board member if you're interested in attending.

Sunmor 2024 Board.jpg

2024 Board (from top left): Bert Shure, Tim Crofts, Francis Melinat, Penny Wiese, Chris Campbell, John Wilhelmi


2022 & 2023 Board (from top left): Dan Gonnella, Bert Shure, Penny Wiese, Jesse Archer, Richard Bowman

2020 & 2021 Sunmor Board

2020 & 2021 Board (from top left): Richard Bowman, Dan Gonnella, Penny Wiese, Celia Garton, Patrick Fagan

2019 Sunmor Board.jpeg

2019 Board (from left): Jim Gazan, Richard Bowman, Penny Wiese, Irv Idell, Rick Berg

2018 Board (from left): Richard Bowman, Brent Aiello-Ortner, Penny Wiese, Rick Berg, Jim Gazan

2017 Board (from left): Jim Gazan, Rick Berg, Penny Wiese, Randy Shematis, Richard Bowman

2016 Board (from left): Rick Berg, Bill Hertel, Jim Gazan, (Sunmor donation recipients: Neuro Vitality Center Beverly Green and Sarah Johnson), 

Sunmor Board Member: Penny Wiese 

2015 Board (from left): Penny Wiese, Jason Press, Bill Hertel, Jim Gazan (Alex Basko, not pictured)

2014 Board (from left): Charlie CIali, Mark Butzko, Alex Basko, Keith Zabel, Jason Press (Jeff Mondon, Bill Hertel, not pictured)

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